Companies & Products


Tingle is a small company that I trust to make high quality technical animations. The owner, Jonathan Bennink, designed the Osmo Inspector. Through the University of Twente, Tingle received the first commercial contracts. Jonathan also made exciting animations for my Alexander-von-Humboldt Video animation.

Con-vergence is a small company run by Felix Broens. Felix developed the OSMO Inspector, while Jonathan Bennink designed the layout and interior based on user demands. Con-vergence had access to the filtration know-how and the source code for a highly automated, high precision filtration developed by Wilbert van der Ven at the University of Twente. The products of Con-vergence meet all the criteria of a typical Apple product: sophistication inside, easy-to-use, intuitived user interface.


Mosaic Systems is a company that holds patents and develops solid and hollow fiber products with a porous wall hosting functional particles such as adsorbers (proteins, polyphenols, etc.), ion exchangers and catalytic particles. The product was initially developed by Magda Avramescu and later put into modules by Zandrie Borneman at the University of Twente.

Nanomi is a company specialized in making monopherse through emulsification processes using iso-porous microsieves. Namomi has been supported by the University of Twente through its TOP-programm. During Nanomi’s first period, they have been using lab infrastructure of the Membrane Technology Group.

Lightmotif is a company producing precision topologies on surfaces made from various materials using femtosecond laser technology. The founder Max Groenedijk has received a TOP-regeling support from the University of Twente and has been supported through access to the surface science equipment and knowledge of the Membrane Technology Group.

Evonik produces high performance polymers such as P84. Evonik expanded its product portfolio from polymer production to the processing into gas separation fibers. Based on the work of Tymen Visser and a spinning system developed at the Membrane Technology Group of the University of Twente, Evonik introduced its first products in 2010 with a first public presentation at the Aachener Membran Kolloquium.